The Ýespresso disc Pads for the Nespresso®* Professional system

Our demonstration to a Hanoi 5 star hotel (Vietnam) as proven that “The” performance of our pre-production packaging of espresso disc pads is well thought through.

      Ýespresso disc Pads are made from special aluminium 3 layered compound foil specially produced for Bac Tam Tam Company. As a result of our numerous test the Ýespresso disc adapt to all Nespresso® – Professional machines, with a guaranteed perfect coffee, tea* or herbals extraction, without any damaging to the piercing mechanism.

          Ýespresso disc Pads protect our sourced speciality Vietnamese coffee powder  inside and seal in its Cau dat & Dak Lak aromas. The aluminium compound foil pads are sealed and keep the coffee powder within fresh for a more than a year time.

* Special Paper Tea / Chocolate pads are also working with normal professional results.

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