Domain Names related to Coffee Capsules

In order to secure the Y’espresso name (Meaning Ital’Espresso in Vietnamese or Yes Presso in English) the folowing domain names are in use & registered:
a)  – This represent the real name of the concept. CO is the Columbian Country  ICAN Name but it can also mean: COffee or COmpany.

b) – There .. it is a slight hack on the real word to use a .COM – Please note that the word Yespresso ther is written with an “0” of the zero number. This once referenced should complicate the job of the fellow trying to sell me back the real for a mere 3000 us $ almost!

Other domain names are being registered – Keep tuned and when all shall be functionning we shall publish the latest info!

Sub-contracting with top level companies

Sub-contracting with top level companies

We initiate on this “Sub-Contractors” category a series of articles that shall describe our relationships with local companies.
Pricing & quality of work shall be open for our members to browse & comment.

What kind of company we are looking for:
High end top level professionals.
Pricing must coincide with their past portfolio – We are ready to pay a bonus (compared with usual Vietnam prices) as long as the professional approach is there + the artistic touch that makes the difference.

How we found this* company:
Via Internet Google search –

(*Important: Company shall be named only if at the end we are satisfied – If not we shall only communicate the information to our partners and close friends)

Our starting demand:
First test request on a simple leaflet aimed at fast and simple contacts.

On the following post we shall describe how things evolute on a step by step basis.

Hello Espresso Capsules Enthusiast!

Welcome to Blog!

Fast info

This is our very first post.

We have selected wordpress for setting up our new step forward: The Blog pages of – All latest info are visible on our facebook page: Yespresso Coffee
Pages can be a mix of English, Vietnamese, Cambodian & Laotian as we aimed this coffee capsule concept at Indochina region as our coffee comes mainly also from the Annamitic Cordillera (Highlands).

In this Blog  managed mainly by Frédéric Nguyễn Sotteau we shall explain what is the business environment of coffee capsules and how it will soon revolutionise completely the world coffee market.

We Use Coffee Capsules made by Capscup.

Our concept: To be an Open Source Capsule System in order to avoid any monopoly.
Our business model: To be the Itunes of the coffee packaging (Read info on facebook page .. but we shall explain further here also)

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & More..
Picture & video shall be our main tool to bring you further in this beautiful region and who knows .. you might be even tempted to visit the region and bring your experience to lovers community.

The website is not ready yet! – We will announce it via Facebook & Twitter when it is ready. I hope to make it special enough  to be sure it won’t be a sales leaflet .. but more a way to make you participate to our life and visit us.

Keep tuned until our venture is fully operational world wide.

(Nota: Connect to this blog via our links (Facebook or any other links made by us)  for easy access as our registration on wordpress has compelled us to use the number  “0” to replace the letter O in Yespresso.) ( Hope to buy the real one .. in the near future…)

Now .. let’s enjoy!